Interactive children's book by Rianne van Duin

By popular request now available in English!


YOUR ADVENTURE is a non-electronic interactive children's book. You, as the reader, are the main character. With a small magnetic avatar you travel over the red road, across the pages. At every fork in the road, you choose which way to go. Through your choices, you determine the story line.

In this book you are the hero. You are a brave knight on a mission to bring back the king's treasure that was stolen by a dragon. If you manage to bring the gold back to the king, he will make you heir to his throne. But first, you will have to face a lot of challenges. You come across houses, caves and castles that you may enter by lifting the magnetic flap. Inside you will find hints, receive invisible powers and collect tokens that are needed later on in the story. Just like in a computer game.

The original (Dutch) version of YOUR ADVENTURE was first published in 2009.
What media and readers say about the original:

“Outstanding book: a game on paper” - Kidsweek Junior

“Remarkably innovative picture book. (...) an ingenious whole of slots, flaps and peek-through.” - Lezen Magazine

“Exceptionally inventive book” - Trouw Newspaper

“A good example of how borders between different media are starting to blur in the current information age.” - Griffel Jury

“This book can do magic!” - children’s reaction